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For Gold, Minerals and Logistics

We are miners and sellers of gold bars and nuggets in all locations around the world. We do both CIF and FOB. Tropical Heights Africa Limited is a high quality emerging mid-tier gold producer with projects in the Western and Northern Parts of Uganda. We have a presence in regions covering Kenya, Tanzania and the DRC and we are dedicated to maximizing client and stakeholder value by developing its Mines, continuing exploration and managing risk.

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With approximately 2 million ounces of gold in reserves, Increased Cash flow, and projects ready for development, Tropical Heights Africa Limited is well positioned for growth.



We mine other precious minerals such as Diamonds. Whatever you need, we have in stock, from rough diamonds to the perfected ones!



We are the best in logistics. In addition to exporting purchased gold to the exact destination, we offer transportation of goods and services worldwide. Let us take care of the paperwork and customs.

Our Core

What drives success in the gold mining business? It begins with the exploration edge – the right people, great opportunities and a focused strategy. We rely heavily on our experienced exploration team of people who create value through their technical expertise to keep our project pipeline full and help us build the foundations for Tropical Heights Africa Limited’s growth.

Optima with excellent production current combines with development pipeline in primarily low operating risk areas.

The company's North mine located near Kidepo, Karamoja is currently producing gold and is on track to reach steady state production levels of 12,000-47,000 gold ounces by the end of 2022.

Overseeing these projects is a strong management team with financial, development, and exploration expertise and a vested Interest in success.


With over 15 years in Gold sales, mining of other minerals and logistics. Here are some of the many testimonials from our clients I rest assured of the power of Allah everyday.

Tropical Heights Never Disappoints me! With their knowledge and expertise, I rest assured of effective business with them.



Transacting with Tropical Heights Africa LTD, has been a smooth operation ever since I began buying Gold through them in 2010. For all the times I have purchased, I received as ordered. Thank You!



In 24 hours as I always expect, I receive everything ordered perfectly. They take care of the paper work and perfectly lead you step by step through the whole experience giving you the utmost peace of mind. Thank Tropical Heights!



I have bought gold and diamonds from Tropical Heights on several occasions. I have to say I am pleasantly impressed by their great customer care and most importantly, they have never failed to deliver.



I liked the fact that they worked through the weekends or public holidays, they always communicate and offered hour by hour updates to me while my goods were in transit. They valued me although it was my first time as a client. Looking forward to many transactions in the future!


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